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Ribat Tours is a travel and tourism agency, created in March 1983.It´s agreed by the Tourism ministry. We specialise in Moroccan exploration with a long standing experience in meeting the needs of our international travellers. Our local English speaking Berber guides and trekking crew promise to discover you the bests and the treasure of the country.
Morocco is a diverse, generally safe and friendly country, with extensive natural and cultural sights. For the active adventurer, we offer a wide selection of hiking tours ranging from the easy to the challenging. Our trekking guides will take you off-the-beaten-track to remote regions, stopping along the way in traditional Berber villages where you will receive the unparalleled hospitality of the Berbers whose life has changed little over hundreds of years.
For those wishing to explore Morocco at a less active pace, our cultural tours will travel by jeep or camel along the ancient caravan trade routes. We will visit the Imperial Cities, the Kasbahs, travel through scenic mountain passes to remarkably preserved Roman ruins, and discover the overwhelming majesty of the oceanic dunes of the Sahara desert. You will be bathed in Morocco's natural beauty whilst surrounded by the extraordinarily rich and varied cultural heritage of Morocco with its Arab, Berber, African and European influences.


       Our Programs

All of our programs can be combined and can be fully customized. Please contact us for detailed program descriptions and prices.

  • Hiking and trekking ( mountain and desert: Laguage will be taken by mules or camels)
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Camel hiking tours in the desert and along the Atlantic coast
  • Ascending summits such as Toubkal (4167 m) and M’Goun (4067 m)
  • Ski tours in the Atlas mountains
  • Jeep and Quad tours
  • Cultural travel : the imperial cities, splendid landscapes 
  • Family and school trips
  • Special interest travel in combination with courses (such as Moroccan cooking classes) or sports
  • Journeys from Marrakech or Agadir and back
  • Luxury bivouac in the desert.
  • Thalasso and relaxing in the hotels

Ribat Tours philosophy: Travel can provide numerous benefits both to the traveller as well as to the regions visited.  We are committed to low impact tourism and to contributing to the local economy by using local products and services.  Your tours with us enable the local population to improve their standard-of-living without giving up their traditional way of life. At the same time, your Moroccan hosts are pleased to welcome you into their communities, to share with you their culture, and to give you the opportunity to taste the charm of the nature in which they live.
We are committed to remaining in the forefront of quality in both our tours and our equipment. We are continuously adding new off-the-beaten track destinations to our itineraries and are diligent in the selection and control of our equipment as well the continuous education of our staff.

Our Team: We have good trained team of professional guides with great experiences and come from different parts of Morocco. They speak English, German, French, Spanish, Arab and Berber languages. They have excellent contacts to the local people and will approach you to their life in Morocco's small villages and historical sites. Each tour is led by one of our experienced guides. Our trekking tours are assisted by camp and cook staff, and a caravan of camels or mules to carry our luggage.