Ski tour in Morocco

Because of Morocco’s location at the north-western tip of Africa the towering peaks of the High Atlas force the clouds to dispel large amounts of rainfall and snow down to 2,000 m (6,562 ft) in the winter. Mountain passes, covered by snow and lonely valleys form a strong contrast to the oases and palm trees in the south of Morocco.

Enjoy the winter months in the High Atlas. Morocco’s mountains are a paradise for snow climbers and ski fans. We start most of our ski-tours at the Toubkal-Hut (3,200 m / 10,499 ft). Our itenary starts at the end of the Mizane valley in the village Aroumd (1,900 m / 6,234 ft). We ascend the well-defined mule trail above the eastern side of the Assif Reraya to the hamlet and shrine of Sidi Chamhorough (2,200 m / 7,218 ft). From here we can usually continue in the snow to the Toubkal-Hut (3,200 m / 10,499 ft). The mules which carry our baggage from Imlil will return here as they cannot continue in the snow. Our baggage will now be carried by local people. We will climb North Africa’s highest peak Mt Toubkal (4,167 m / 13,671 ft), Ouanoukrim (4,088 m / 13,412 ft), Akiod (4,010 m / 13,156 ft) and others with our skis and enjoy our descent to the Toubkal hut. This trip is designed to be non-technical but crampons and ice axes may be required. The participants need to have experiences with ski-tours and an excellent physical condition is required due to the high altitude differences we have to manage.

  • Djebel Toubkal 4,167 m (13,671 ft)
  • Ras’N Ounnoukrim 4,063 m (13,330 ft)
  • Tazaghart 3,980 m (13,058 ft)
  • Likemt Pass 3,600 m (11,811 ft)
  • M’Goun 4,068 m (13,346 ft)
  • Wawgoulzat 3,500 m (11,483 ft)
  • Igoudamne 3,600 m (11,811 ft)
gallerie photos

Toubkal Massif
8 days
February. March
Mgoun  and Toubkal massive
12 days
February. March